The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has added robot dog to bomb and hazardous device disposal unit

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has announced the acquisition of Spot, described as “an agile inspection robot developed by Boston Dynamics and upfitted by RADeCO Inc., for use in the Bomb and Hazardous Device Disposal Unit.”

The decision to acquire Spot and incorporate it in the sheriff’s office operations came after a demonstration by Boston Dynamics last spring, where deputies led by Lt. Al Stewart, head of the bomb squad, were trained on the device. It was then determined that Spot would make an invaluable asset to utilize during high-risk operations.

The sheriff’s office from that Spot’s surpasses conventional bomb disposal robots due to its maneuverability and ability to manipulate objects. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art 360° camera system that allows it to clear enclosed spaces, significantly enhancing bomb detection and disposal capabilities. The robot can also be utilized in urban search and rescue, and hazardous materials situations.

“We are thrilled to welcome Spot to our team,” said Sheriff Sean Kilkenny. “Its advanced capabilities will greatly enhance our ability to respond to and mitigate potential threats, ultimately ensuring the safety of our community.”

Spot will not be equipped with any fixed lethal weapon system or facial recognition software or analysis capabilities as prohibited by a sheriff’s office policy.

Photo: RADēCO, may not be the same exact robot dog