The ruins of Toddtown near Conshohocken

Emily Suzanne who states on her channel that she explores nature and the heavens as she travels across the country, recently explored the ruins of Toddtown, a community that was once located about a mile-and-a-half from Conshohocken in Lower Merion Township.

Not a lot is known about Toddtown and most comes from church journals, documents from the Department of the Interior, and a couple references in newspapers like the Conshohocken Recorder. According to information from the Lower Merion Historical Society, life there centered around a mill and a church. The town disappeared sometime around 1878 when the property was sold at a sheriff sale. Eventually at least some of the property that had been the town became part of an estate from a local steel magnate.

Watch Emily Suzanne’s video below:

Photo: Screengrab from Emily Suzanne’s video