Truck Driving Up and Down Fayette Street with Anti-Wawa Message

Throughout the afternoon today, the Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance had a truck going up and down Fayette Street. The truck displayed four messages, one targeting a specific Borough Council member by name. The messages were:

  • Councilman Stokely: will you flip on your 2013 vote? Wawa-November 15
  • The price of legal fees is not greater than residents’ quality of life. Wawa-November 15
  • Council: do the right thing say no to Wawa November 15
  • No chains. No traffic. No Wawa.

The first message, targeting Bob Stokley (R, Ward 6) was due to his recent support of holding another hearing for the proposed Wawa. He voted against the previous proposed Wawa. The second message refers to Council member Colleen Leonard (D, Ward 7) and her concerns that the Borough has already spent $250,000 fighting the previously proposed Wawa and how those legal fees could grow. Even with the new proposal, the old proposal is part of a lawsuit. The third and fourth messages are generic to council overall and chain/traffic concerns.

The Conshohocken Revitalization Alliance also posted on its Facebook page about Leonard’s referencing the cost of fighting the Wawa:



Photo: Left photo courtesy of Fred Kelly.