Trump and Sanders to Visit Conshohocken Prior to April 26th Primary

The campaigns of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have announced that they will be holding competing rallies in Conshohocken on Wednesday, April 20th. Sanders’ rally is going to be at Sutcliffe Park and Trump is going to hold his at A. A. Garthwaite Stadium.

When asked why he chose Conshohocken, Trump replied that “Conshohocken has a “yuge” helipad that a fellow billionaire did a great deal to get built. I would have done a better deal, but a helipad for a muddy dog park isn’t bad.” Trump continued, “I also like that the stadium has big beautiful walls”.

Sanders replied to the same question with “As everyone knows I like free things. We are holding our rally on Wednesday, so I can take advantage of Wing-It Wednesday at Flanigan’s Boathouse. You buy a pitcher, they give you free wings. Now I just need to find someone to buy the pitcher”.