Turn on Your Car Lights… in West Conshohocken

Someone posted the below on CraigsList.com under Rant & Raves:

Thursday night 6:00. Matsonford Rd. by Calvary Cemetery. You were the driver with your headlights off. I pulled out in front of you and noticed your lights were off so I tapped my brakes. You ignored me. I turned my taillights off and on and waved and pointed my arm out the window. You ignored me. I slowed down to yell out to you but then you sped up and tried to pass me. Guess you didn’t see the double yellow line, eh? Guess you didn’t notice how dark it was from your headlights being off, eh? Guess you didn’t know you were risking my life and anyone who might be coming the other way, eh? Asshole that I am, I sped up to prevent you from passing me. We both accelerated to at least 50mph with you in the wrong lane the entire time. Then suddenly you got ahead of me, swerved back into my lane and took the 476 onramp southbound. Congrats, you just saved 3 seconds by passing me instead of staying behind me. Boy, you sure showed me who’s boss.

I guess you never wondered why someone would flash their lights at you. Could it be they were trying to tell you something? Hmm, what do you think they were trying to tell you? Did you not notice you could not see the road because YOUR FUCKING LIGHTS WERE OFF?

Oh well, I’m glad you saved those precious seconds by driving into oncoming traffic.

You are a psychopath asshole douchebag motherfucker cocksucker. I hope we meet again because I have something I want to do to you.

So was the poster being just as dangerous when trying to tell the other driver to turn his or her lights on? Let us know in the comments.