Underage Drinking, Water Balloons, Hanky Panky and Weed in Conshohocken

We have heard there are college parties in Conshohocken, but we haven’t ever really heard about any parties or incidents in detail. Someone once told us there was a fraternity house with Greek letters on it. We drove to where we were told it was, but didn’t see anything. So we assumed there wasn’t much going on.

However, according to a report in the Times Herald college students really ramped it up on Saturday, September 5th with a party on the 400 block of East Hector Street. Allegedly the students went full blown Animal House with underage drinking, running in all directions when the police arrives, water balloons, hanky panky in the alley and a backpack full of party supplies.

From the Times Herald:

Police served several citations for underage drinking, public lewdness and other offences after responding to a complaint of a loud party in the 400 block of Hector Street shortly after midnight Sept. 5. When officers arrived, people reportedly ran from the residence, which police said was rented to college students.

Police talked to two of the residents and determined they were underage and intoxicated. While police were speaking with them, a water balloon reportedly landed on a parked car in between them. Police cited the two renters, along with another party-goer who emerged from an alley and two attendees who admitted to climbing on the roof of the building to avoid authorities. None one admitted to throwing the balloon. While canvassing the area, police driving by an alley behind Hector Street noticed a man and a woman engaged in a sex act. When police stopped the patrol vehicle, the couple tried to gather themselves and walk away, but were stopped. The 18-year olds admitted being at the party, but said they left because it was too crowded. They were cited as well.

About an hour later, a Villanova student was stopped after police noticed him stumbling down the same street. Police reported that 19-year old male initially lied to authorities and told them he was 21. A marijuana pipe was found in his pocket, and five beers and a resealable plastic bag containing marijuana were found in his backpack. The student was cited and detained at the police station until a ride for him could be arranged.

If you live in that area, has this an ongoing issue? Is it one specific house or a few different ones? Let us know in the comments.