Waffles and Enthusiasm preparing to open at the Plymouth Meeting Mall

A new business is preparing to open in the space at the Plymouth Meeting Mall that was once home to King Buffet. Waffles and Enthusiasm, a hobby, trading card, and game store, had its sign installed today and expects to open later this month.

The owner is named Martin Weiss and the first question we had was whether there will be waffles. Weiss said he gets asked this question a lot and that while there won’t be waffles initially, eventually he expects there to be a waffle component.

So where did the phrase “waffles and enthusiasm” come from? Weiss shared that it was a phrase that his brother dropped during a conversation and he always thought it would make a good name for a business.

If you ever frequented the King Buffet, you will feel right at home at Waffles and Enthusiasm. Many of the games and cards the store sells originated in Asia, so Weiss kept the decor. He even repurposed the buffets as shelves for the retail portion of the store that sells cards and games. The store plans to focus on Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Magic the Gathering.

In addition to the retail portion of the business, Waffles and Enthusiasm will hold tournaments in the seating area of the former restaurant. It will have regular tournaments and then eventually larger tournaments that could draw a couple of hundred players.

You can learn more about Waffles and Enthusiasm here.