West Conshohocken’s Borough Council sees fifth resignation in less than two years

Another member of West Conshohocken’s Borough Council is set to resign. On the agenda of the April 9th meeting of the council is an item that announces the resignation of Zach Nelson. Nelson has served on the council since December 2022, when he was appointed to replace Richard Greenstein (who had resigned). Nelson won election to the seat for a four-year term in November 2023.

Nelson’s resignation marks the fifth resignation from the seven member board in less than two years. Prior to Nelson’s resignation, all of the resigning board members cited moving out of the borough as the reason. Nelson reason for leaving office is not yet known.

In 2023, Jeff Ewing was appointed to fill a seat vacated by Jack Cooper, Kelly Snizavich to replace Doug Borgeson and then Chris Cella to replace Snizavich.

During the same April 9th meeting, the borough council will announce that they are seeking candidates to consider for appointment to the seat.

Photo: Mayor Danelle Fournier. Nelson is pictured center being sworn into office by Fournier (left) in 2022. Borough Manager Michael English is pictured on right.