Yard Waste Collection Schedule and Rules

From the Borough’s website:

All residences must participate in the Borough’s recycling programs by separating their recyclable material from their regular trash. Yard waste is recyclable, therefore the separation and collection of this material is mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Conshohocken Borough.

  • Grass clippings, weeds, leaves, brush and plants should be placed in biodegradable paper composting bags. Please no trash in these bags.
  • Each bag should not to be heavier then 50 pounds.
  • Tree branches under five-(5”) in diameter, not exceeding five-(5’) in length, are to be securely tied into bundles and should not to be heaver then 50 pounds.
  • Christmas trees. Please no decorations, tree stands or plastic tree bags.
  • Please place your bags and or bundles at curbside on your property no earlier then 5:00 PM the night before.
  • There is no limit of yard waste collected that is determined to be reasonable by the borough.

Fall Leaf Collection Rules and Regulations:

  • Every year the Borough Public Works Department collects leafs beginning in November and ending in December. The schedule is every Wednesday.
  • The leaf pile may extend along length of your entire property. Please rake your piles to the curb but not in to the street.
  • Please do not mix limbs, brush, and other debris in the leaf piles. This may result in damage to equipment and injuries to employees.
  • Adverse weather conditions may cause delays on posted leaf collection dates.
  • Once the leaf collecting machine passes it will NOT return.
  • Leaves will not be collected in the trash. Trash with leaves commingled will not be collected.
  • Please take note of the yellow ‘coming soon signs’ that will be posted the week before the leaf-vac is scheduled for your street.
  • Due to traffic conditions on E. Hector and Elm Streets; narrow roads, high volume of traffic, one-way traffic and the nature of the ‘Leaf-Vac’ collection, there is limited, unscheduled, leaf collection on E. Hector for the purpose of cleaning the inlets only and there is no leaf collection along Elm Street.