Zero members of the public attended public meeting on significant zoning amendment proposed in Conshohocken

Over 5,000 people read’s recent two articles on the proposed zoning amendment that is designed to encourage redevelopment along the length of Fayette Street. We thought there was real interest in the issue. The articles can be found here:

The amendment is the most significant zoning change to the borough’s zoning code, except maybe for SORA West, since the 2001 creation of the special zoning districts along the riverfront.

On October 12th, Conshohocken’s planning commission held the first public meeting in the process to determine whether the amendment gets adopted. The planning commission’s role is review the proposed amendment and make a recommendation to the borough council on whether it should be adopted.

The planning commission voted to recommend the proposed ordinance with some minor changes, such s the allowable distance between street trees. The process now moves to the borough council, which will schedule a hearing and determine whether to adopt the ordinance.

Zero members of the public attended.