ABC’s The Goldbergs Getting Spinoff Set in Conshohocken

ABC’s The Goldbergs, which is set in 1980-something Jenkintown and includes all types of regional references, is getting a spin-off that will see the character ‘Naked’ Rob Smith’s family move to Conshohocken. He is known as ‘Naked’ because he takes his shirt off at every opportunity.

On The Goldbergs, Smith (pictured right above) is a friend of eldest son Barry Goldberg and is a member of the JTP (Jenkintown Posse) and Tasty Boys, a rap group led by Barry (aka Big Tasty). The spin-off is titled The Smiths Move to Conshy and will focus on ‘Naked’ Rob growing up in 1980-something Conshohocken.

In the above video, Rob Smith can be found in the first scene is a blue striped shirt beat boxing as a member of the JTP.

In the above video ‘Naked’ Rob takes part in a fashion show.

Rob Smith will continue to be played by Noah Munck. Prior to The Goldbergs, Munck was known for his role as Gibby on iCarly.

While attending his new high school, Smith will be befriended by a character based on real life Conshy native Henry Racich. One scene will show Racich teaching Smith how to pronounce Conshy as “Cunshy.”

The two characters will also form the nucleus of a rap group, Conshy Kids, which becomes the rival of JTP/Tasty Boys. In the second episode, Smith and Racich’s Conshy Kids face-off in a rap battle against JTP/Tasty Boys at real-life 1980’s teen nightclub Popcorn’s in King of Prussia.

The Smiths Move to Conshy was created by The Goldbergs’ creator Adam Goldberg. He stated that Conshohocken was selected as the setting for the new show because, “its proximity to so many Wawa’s.”

The show is set to debut in the fall of 2019.

Update – And yes, this was an April Fools’ prank.

Photos: ABC