Brad Culp Loses to Nine Year Old at Casmar’s Chili Throwdown

Nine year old Briana Cassidy won the Casmar Cafe’s Chilli Throwdown today defeating 12 competitors including Brad Culp, who placed second.  The complete official results are as follows:

  • 1st place Briana Cassidy
  • 2nd place Brad Culp
  • 3rd place Kim Kmat
  • 4th place tie Debbie McAllister/Paul Hamaday

Last year Kmat won first place, Cassidy placed third and Culp came in fourth.  So for the second time Culp was defeated by a little girl.  After the judging, the crowd got to enjoy sampling all 12 chili bowls.

Over the summer the Casmar has a rib contest.  Rumor has it Tex, who did not place with his chicken chili today, is planning to drive his smoker from Texas and dominate the competition.