Congressional Races – Week of 01/25/10

In the 6th

Manan Trivedi (D) unveils a job creation plan.

Jim Gerlach (R), your Congressman in Ward 1 of Conshy, says Steven Welch (R) is no Scott Brown.

Downingtown’s mayor endorses Doug Pike (D).

In the 7th

Will Joe Sestak (D), most of Conshohocken’s current Congressman, try to retain his seat in the House of Reps?

Blogger goes after Dawn Stensland as she considers running for Congress.

In the 13th

This race seems very odd to me.  With the excitement in MA, you would think the Republicans would be promoting the four or five guys running to challenge Allyson Schwartz (D).  The 6th and 7th, the 13th’s neighboring districts, seem to be generating a lot of media coverage, but its hard to find anything to post about the 13th.