Conshohocken Billionaire Spoke in Defense of Meek Mill in Court

Michael Rubin, the billionaire Lafayette Hill native and owner of Conshohocken-based Kynetic, was in a Philadelphia courtroom recently to speak on behalf of rapper Meek Mill, who was before a judge due to parole violations. Meek Mill, who ultimately was sentenced to two to four years, has been friends with Rubin since meeting him at the NBA All-Star Game in Houston in 2013. In the above picture, Rubin is center left and Meek Mill is center right.


Rubin said he sat for five hours in Common Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley’s courtroom as prosecutors and probation officers recommended against sentencing the rapper to hard time for a St. Louis fistfight and a New York reckless driving citation, and added his personal recommendation — only to watch in shock as his friend was led away by sheriff’s deputies.

“We come from different worlds,” Rubin said in an interview Tuesday. “The last few years, we have spent a lot of time together. I’m a big believer in him.”

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Photo: @meekmill on Twitter

Disclosure – Rubin is an investor in Burb Media, LLC, the parent company of