Conshy Celebrity – Bill Bostic

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

Being a native of Philadelphia, I always enjoyed visiting Montgomery County.  When I first started my construction company, the office was in Blue Bell and we were living in Delaware County.   As time went on, our business began to grow and decided to relocate to a larger office in a location more central to both the city and surrounding suburbs.   One day during lunch at Totaro’s, my colleague suggested, “why not here in Conshy?”   I drove around the neighborhood, spoke to local business owners and a local real estate broker (Gene McHale of Beanon Realty), found great office space and decided this was the place to be.   The people and places of Conshohocken exuded such a great vibe – friendly with a healthy mix of young professional and family oriented establishments.   Access to shops, major routes and almost everything else a family or business owner desires for success and high quality of life.    I decided this is a great place to work and live!   The next step was to move my family which we did in 2006 and now we are a stone’s throw from downtown Conshohocken.

What do you do (career wise)?

I own a mid-size commercial construction management firm called Axis Construction Management, LLC.     I absolutely love what I do and I enjoy it more each day!   I am grateful to my clients, colleagues and employees for making my professional life as fun and rewarding as one could hope for.   Axis provides consulting, construction management, general contracting and design/build services for a diverse range of projects including tenant improvement, commercial ground up construction, medical, retail and institutional clients.  We’ve also completed a number of projects for local businesses right here in Conshohocken.    Our website is

What are you involved in outside of work?

You can always find me at Conshohocken Health and Fitness working out or running the Conshy Trail after work.   I love to spend time with my family and friends and relax by the pool or playing guitar.   More like dabbling with the guitar, let’s just say there are no rock concerts in my near future!   One of my greatest passions is helping people!    Whether it’s helping someone achieve a professional or personal goal or participating in charity events.  I’m committed to being active with a few a charitable organizations each year.  Currently, I’m working with a great team from the Front Row Foundation, a charitable organization committed to helping individuals with life threatening illnesses, to “experience life in the front-row” by providing front row seats to concerts, sporting events and live performances of the recipients’ choice.   It’s an impressive all volunteer group of professionals and about $.93 of every dollar raised goes to the cause.    I encourage everyone to get involved and visit

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

Conshohocken is our own Center City without the crazy traffic and congestion!   I love Conshohocken for the unique and diversified restaurants, (Gypsy Saloon, Stone Rose and Totaro’s are a few of my favorites), easy access to all major routes, access to the Bike Trail and of course, the soap box races down Fayette Street!    What more can you ask for?  In addition to the great surroundings there is a sense of community pride that is only felt in small towns.   Conshohocken seems to have captured that and become the Biggest Little Small Town I’ve ever seen.   Name and we have it and if we don’t, I’m pretty sure some very smart local entrepreneur will be building it very soon!

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

  • Conshohocken Health and Fitness (clean, reasonable and professional health club)
  • Spamps (the best Sushi outside of the city bar none!)
  • Gypsy Saloon (Kim makes you feel like you are eating in her Living Room)
  • Stella Blu (same owner as Gypsy and same great quality experience)
  • CS Cantlin Mercedes Benz Repair Shop (an honest mechanic, I swear!!!!!!)
  • Totaro’s Restaurant (perhaps the crown jewel of Conshy’s foodie culture,  Andrew Totaro is one proudest hosts we’ve ever met and the food is outstanding)
  • Stone Rose (great ambiance, Happy Hour specials and the cheese plate / wine combinations are unmatched)
  • 8 East (second floor for a vibrant young professional crowd)
  • Ted’s Pizza (best pizza and cheese steaks this side of South Philly and served with a warm smile!)