Conshy Celebrity – Christian Capozzoli

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I am a native Philadelphian, but I was raised down south in Atlanta, GA. I attended college in New Orleans, but after hurricane Katrina I transferred to Temple University. After being here I realized how much I missed all my family and friends in Pennsylvania, so I never returned to the South. I bounced around The Mainline and the Jersey Shore for about a year before settling in Conshohocken at the suggestion of my mom, and I’ve been living here since 2007. What can I say…Mother knows best! In that time, I earned my BA from Temple University and my Masters in Finance from Villanova University. The central location of Conshohocken to all other areas was key during every step of the process.

What do you do (career wise)?

I wear many hats, but I guess what makes me most recognizable in this town are my weekend jobs at The Conshohocken Café and Guppy’s Good Times. I started at both places as a loyal patron, and I think that is why I still love working for Mike and Robin so much…I believe in their businesses and want them to be successful. They are both “big idea” guys and just by working around them I feel an increased motivation to succeed in my professional life, which leads to what I would LOVE to be known for, and I know one day I will. That is my career as a Financial Advisor at 1847Financial. After earning my Masters I had a great opportunity to stay local by accepting a position at 1847Financial in the 8 Tower Building. We are a holistic financial services company with a focus on building strong relationships with our clients whether they are business owners or individuals. My client-centered, values-based approach allows clients to build holistic financial prosperity while staying true to their own vision of success. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding your own financial planning needs or insurance protection plans. My email is

What are you involved in outside of work?

Outside of work I don’t have a ton of free time, but I try to make time for loved ones (my dog Bruno and my girlfriend Molly) and the activities I enjoy. I play on a company softball league and on a Guppy’s floor hockey team. The hockey team is stacked with all of Robin’s Canadian cohorts so we usually do pretty well, the softball team is worst in the league…most likely a direct result of having no ringers! I am also a Philadelphia Union season ticket holder and member of the team’s supporters group “The Sons of Ben.” I try to do as much work as I can for the local charities I believe in, and without a lot of money I try to give time. I grew up working with children and I try to find charities that enable me to help children who are sick and/or less fortunate. Some great local charities that can really make an impact are Little Smiles (, Dream Big for Janie Carbo, Fresh Smiles (, and Big Brothers Big Sisters (

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

Conshohocken is unlike anywhere I have ever lived. It is a mini-melting pot. You have your old Conshy families who worked in the steel mills or family businesses and lived here for generations, you have your young professionals living along the river, you have your West Conshy home owners, and then there is the recent college graduates sprinkled throughout town. I love the local businesses like Guppy’s and The Conshohocken Cafe. More than anything else, I love how easy it is to go anywhere or do anything when you live in Conshohocken. It is truly more than a curve.

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

I think I did enough plugging in this interview, but if you couldn’t tell…I love The Conshohocken Café and Guppy’s Good Times. Mike from the Café and Robin from Guppy’s are the real celebrities in this town. They both work tirelessly for their passions, their employees, and their businesses. I just do my best to let people know. Beyond those spots, I think Stone Rose is a great restaurant for a date night or a client lunch and if you’re not working out at Conshohocken Health and Fitness you will never be able to hustle like me or pick up trash like Carl. We get our pump on there and so should you…talk to Tony about your membership today.