Conshy Dog Park Update

I got an email earlier in the week that said that there was a construction in the area that the helipad and dog park are to be built.  I went down to check it out and there was a crew there that appeared to be clearing the area.  I emailed Councilman Raj Gupta to confirm that the crew was in fact beginning work on the helipad/dog park project and he responded:

Not sure if the specific work trucks you saw directly relate to the riverfront project.  I can tell you that we have received all necessary government approvals and materials have been ordered to begin work.  I assume what you saw was probably the initial groundwork prep.

What is interesting is that the new apartment project from O’Neill Properties will be adjacent to the helipad and dog park.  If you look at the photo above, I am basically taking the photo from where the apartments will be built.  The helipad and dog park are to be built within 100 feet of the river.

Keep you posted as the the project moves forward.