Democrats Send Out Letter that States Two Colonial School Board Candidates Have Already Won Re-Election

The general election isn’t until November, but that didn’t stop two Whitemarsh Township Supervisors, Democrats Michael Drossner and Fran McCusker, from declaring two winners in the race for Colonial School Board.

In a letter (view entire letter) inviting people to a campaign event for candidates for Whitemarsh Supervisors, Judge, and the Colonial School Board, Drossner and McCusker wrote, “With Susan Moore and Cathy Peduzzi having won re-election in May, there are excellent candidates running for the three remaining Colonial School Board seats.”

Moore and Peduzzi, who are incumbents running as unendorsed Democrats, did not win re-election in May. They did earn enough votes in the primary to move on to the general election in November.

The complete list of candidates for Colonial School Board is below:

Susan Moore (won D and R)
Cathy Peduzzi (won D and R)
Beth Suchsland (won R)
Chris Epstein (won R)
Beth Patruno (won R)
Jamina Clay-Dingle (won D)
Leslie Finegold (won D)
Paula McCauley (won D)

The May primary had two sets of five candidate slates. Protecting Colonials Future consisted of Moore, Peduzzi Suchsland, Epstein, and Patruno. They did not seek either party’s endorsement and ran against the local Democratic Party establishment which had taken over the Colonial School Board.

Clay-Dingle, Finegold (incumbent), and McCauley, ran with Colonial School Board President Felix Raimondo and Rachelle Pretz, as the Democrats for Colonial School Board.

All of the candidates cross-filed and appeared on both the Republican and Democrat primary ballots. Seven of the eight candidates are registered Democrats, even though some will only appear on the Republican side of the ballot in the general election.