Dress for the Summer Weather (Sponsored Content)

You wouldn’t use a spoon to eat a steak, would you? It is important to use the proper tool for a job. Proper summer workout clothes will allow you to work out longer in the heat of the summer. You still need to take caution while in the extreme temperatures. The summer heat can make it dangerous in longer workouts or more demanding workouts, the wrong clothing can make the heat fatigue set in a lot quicker. There are plenty of choices when it comes to workout gear, we will tell you what to look for to keep your workout going this summer:

  1. Avoid tight black clothing. Tight black clothing will attract heat from the sun and will not allow for easy cooling and ventilation. Tight black clothing will hold heat on your body. Black clothing isn’t a terrible idea in general. In fact, loose fitting black clothing can be cooler than light clothing when there is a breeze. The loose black clothing will pull heat off your body and cool off with wind.
  2. Avoid fabrics that don’t breathe. Many synthetic fabrics are rubber-based or plastic-based. These materials will keep heavy, old sweat on your body. They will keep heavy, hot, muggy air on your body. Wearing some of these materials can be comparable to wearing a trash bag while working out. This can make your workout extra stressful and potentially dangerous in extreme heat.
  3. Consider cotton. There are mixed feelings about cotton as a workout fabric. Cotton has a natural ability to absorb sweat from your body. This absorption is a great way to pull heat from your body. The absorption is a double edged sword though. The sweat will make the clothing feel heavy and wet as your workout goes longer. It would be best to find clothing that is a cotton blend.
  4.  Avoid overly baggy clothing. Baggy clothing can get caught work out machinery and can trap heat in with your body. You want to aim for loose clothing that breathes.
  5. Remember to wear sunblock. You will be wearing less clothing so more of your skin will be exposed to the sun. You should always apply sunblock when you spend any amount of time outside during the summer. Use sweat and water proof sunblock to keep you protected during your work out.
  6. (Women) When choosing a sports bra, look for a bra that provides ventilation, fits properly, and offers firm support.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on workout clothes. It is a good idea to have clothes dedicated to working out. For the best results, select moisture wicking, quick-drying gear. Choose fabrics that are thin, lightweight, breathe and that pull sweat off your body and evaporates your sweat quickly. No matter what your clothing, Remember to be safe. Know your limits, the extra heat will take a toll on your body. Stay cool and safe this summer!

Dr. Melissa Borgstede is a nationally certified personal trainer and licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology and Dance from Muhlenberg College, a Master’s of Science Degree in Health Sciences with a focus on physical Therapy from George Washington University in Washington D.C., and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Marymount University. Melissa’s unique experience in dance and education allow her to train clients with almost any kind of injury. She enjoys helping clients return to their lives with improved mobility, rebuilt endurance, strength and confidence.