Event – Pork Chop Comedy at Totaro’s

Pork Chop Comedy is bringing the Conshy Comedy Show back to Totaro’s on Saturday, April 14th at 8:00 p.m.  Tickets are $10.00 in advance and $15.00 at the door.  There is a two item minimum.  The comedians performing are:

Marc Delmonte
Marc made a name for himself as a member of The Teddy Ruxpins, a sorely-missed improv comedy troupe from Western Ontario. After appearing regularly at Joke Club at Toronto’s W Hotel, he brought his act to America and became an instant hit on the northeastern club and college circuit. This is his first Philadelphia-area appearance.

”Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert
When he’s not blowing lines and bird-dogging chicks,  “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert annihilates  audiences with his turbo-charged  brand of stand-up comedy that can only be described as “totally bitchin’”.

Peter Goldman
A self-described  “nice Jewish boy”.  His wry observations on life in the big city, peppered with references to pop culture, will have you in stitches.  He recently dazzled audiences in Elkton, MD with his one man show, “Meshuggeneh: The Musical”

Vin Grisly
Vin developed his unique sense of humor in Pluto’s underground comedy scene before setting out to explore the universe, tell jokes, and solve mysteries.  Since then, his career has gone into interstellar overdrive. He was named “Funniest Man in the Galaxy” by The Martian Chronicle and The Venetian Voice hails his “Laser Sharp Wit”.  This show is the latest stop on his never ending, “Cosmic Comedy Tour”.

Barry Cincinnati
Barry burst onto the comedy scene by engaging in a very public fight with comedienne Paula Poundstone. The fight left Poundstone bloodied, bruised, pissed-on, and shoeless. Cincinnati parlayed that momentum into a string of sold-out performances ap and down the South Carolina coast. His spit-fire approach to comedy has included memorable reactions to hecklers, including diarrhea-ing on a woman in the front row who humiliated Cincinnati by loudly proclaiming “not my cup of tea” during his infamous “gay child rebel” bit. Cincinnati has now taken his show to the Northeast Corridor in the hopes of delighting audiences and “slaying enough cooze to put the National Guard on notice.”