Free six-week fitness challenge offered by ‘Fitman’ Eric Brown

Are you tired of the same old no-results-producing gym routine? Are you ready for a transformative journey?

“Fitman” Eric Brown, owner of the Fitman Performance & Physique Center in Roslyn, is hosting a six-week fitness challenge starting January 15.

“I’m thrilled to announce my exclusive 6-week fitness transformation challenge,” the 2x Men’s Health Next Top Trainer finalist said. “My 6-week program is the ultimate path to a stronger, leaner, healthier, and happier you. But you must act fast because this offer comes with a guarantee: get objectively stronger, lose some body fat, and feel better within 6 weeks or get all of your money back, no questions asked!”

“My 6-week fitness transformation program is not just about shedding pounds; it’s about creating sustainable, healthy habits. Let’s jump into the details of this limited-time opportunity.”

Limited Spots Available

“Listen, I’m not here to waste your time,” Fitman said. “This program is in high demand, and we have limited spots available. Every session will have minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 5 people in the session. I’m keeping it exclusive to ensure personalized attention and maximum results. Secure your spot now before they’re all gone! Time is ticking, and I want you to be part of this transformational experience.”

Exclusive Benefits for Early Birds

“They say the early bird catches the worm,” Fitman said. “Well, in this case, the early birds get exclusive benefits! The first 10 participants who sign up will receive a bonus nutrition guide tailored to accelerate their weight loss. Don’t miss out on this extra boost – it’s my gift to you for taking action now!”

Risk-Free Investment

“I’m so confident in the effectiveness of my program that I’m putting my money where my mouth is. Join the challenge, commit to the journey, and if you are not satisfied with being objectively stronger, leaner, and feeling better in 6 weeks, I’ll refund your entire investment, no questions asked,” the 2022 Mr. Natural Philadelphia winner said. “When you succeed in getting stronger, leaner, and fitter, I’ll credit your money towards continuing your fitness journey at my facility.”

“I believe in the power of my program to transform lives, and I stand by it 100%. It’s a risk-free opportunity for you, but you have to act now to claim it!”

Success Stories

“Don’t just take my word for it,” Fitman said. “Hear from some of my clients, past and present, who have experienced incredible transformations. Real people, real results – that’s what I’m all about. Check out their inspiring stories here.”

What You Can Expect

“My 6-week program is designed to push your limits and maximize your fitness potential. Here’s what you can expect.”

* Fast, intense, and expertly crafted workout routines
* Personalized nutrition guidance
* Motivational support from your local, passionate trainer
* Weekly progress tracking to keep you on target

“But what sets me apart? It’s my bold promise – you’ll see results, or I’ll give you a full refund!”

Time Is Of The Essence

As the seconds tick away, so do your chances to be part of this incredible fitness challenge. Click below and hit that sign-up button before the clock runs out. Don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers!

Details (Schedule, Location)

The schedule for Fitman’s free fitness challenge is below. All workouts will take place at his gym, the Fitman Performance & Physique Center in Roslyn.

Location: The Fitman Performance & Physique Center – 1518 Easton Road. Unit #10 Roslyn, PA. 19001 Training Sessions Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/Friday
Session 1: 11:00am-11:45am
Session 2: 11:50am-12:35am

Are You Ready?

Ready to crush your fitness goals, get stronger, and lose weight in just 6 weeks? Act now and secure your spot in my exclusive fitness challenge. Click the link below, sign up, and let’s make this journey together. Time’s ticking – the countdown is on. Transform your body, transform your life – don’t miss out! The time to unleash your inner greatness is now.

To sign up, click the link below:

6 Week Fitness Challenge – The Fitman Performance And Physique Center (

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6 Week Fitness Challenge – Fitman Classic Natural Bodybuilding (

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