Help name a possible indoor sports facility along Colwell Lane in Conshohocken

In February, we asked readers to take a survey on the best use of the property at 450 Colwell Lane in Conshohocken. The preferred uses were a gun range, an indoor sports facility, and a doggy daycare (view all of the results).

The developer has decided to seek approval for an indoor sports facility and is currently research of similar facilities, etc.

An indoor sports facility will need some zoning relief, so this is not a done deal. We will have more on this once it is put on an agenda and there is a notice.

However, the sports facility will need a name. Below are some names proposed by the developer. You can select one of these or add your own. If a name you propose is used, you will get a $100 gift card to a local restaurant of your choice. Please note, this survey requires you to add your name and email address due to the need to contact you if a name you propose is used.