Hills of Conshohocken sparked the creation of a new shoe company

The Philadelphia Business Journal had an article over the weekend on a shoe startup that had its impetus on the hills of Conshohocken. From the article:

Walking the hills of Conshohocken on a near daily basis during his time at AmerisourceBergen, Andrew Crews found himself frustrated with his footwear. The dress shoes he relied on to not only look professional but function properly were repeatedly failing him. As worn-out pairs piled up in his closet, a thought nagged him: if the perfect dress shoe didn’t exist, could he create it?

While AmerisourceBergen has a new shiny corporate headquarters on Fayette Street, it previously had a portion of its workforce in a building on Conshohocken’s riverfront. Walking pretty much anywhere from the riverfront involves a hill. Crews worked for AmerisourceBergen from 2018 to 2021.

The new shoe company is named Fibonacci Footwear and it recently released its first shoe, the Abacci (top row of image), and the second style, the Liber (bottom row), is available for pre-order.

You can read the full article here. You can visit Fibonacci Footwear’s website here.

Photo: Images from Fibonacci Footwear