Local Politics | Philadelphia Inquirer refers to Montco Democrats as having a “pay-to-play” culture

Local Politics is an as-needed column on the political scene in Montgomery County filled with speculation, opinion, and more.

The Philadelphia Inquirer published an article today (May 1st) titled “Democrats have controlled Montco for a decade. The primary will test their political machine and pay-to-play culture.” The article then details how after taking political control in Montgomery County over the last decade party leaders and elected officials have rewarded law firms that made political contributions with plum county and municipal contracts.

From the article:

Democrats have cast themselves as reformers as they’ve gained more power in the suburbs, particularly after the election of former President Donald Trump. But emails, financial records, and campaign finance data reviewed by The Inquirer — as well as interviews with almost two dozen people involved in local politics — reveal a pay-to-play culture in which the line between business and politics is often blurred.

We were going to write a whole thing about this. However, MoreThanTheCurve.com has reported on all of this over the years and no one seemed to care. Hopefully, that will change now that The Philadephia Inquirer has reinforced what we have reported.