Local Weight-lifter Competing in Major Competition

Conshohocken resident Jillian Seamon will be competing in the 2017 America Open weight-lifting competition in California this weekend. Seamon trains at Crossfit Thermal off Colwell Lane in Conshohocken.

Crossfit Thermal published a message of support for Seamon on its website. It reads:

If you didn’t know we’ve got a pretty strong lady moving weight around Thermal these days.  Jillian Seamon, aka “Strong Jill” will competing this weekend in Anaheim California, in the 2017 America Open.  The American Open is a huge event, actually its the 3rd largest weight-lifting competition for American Athletes outside of “Worlds” and The Olympic Games.  So its kind of big deal when you know someone who’s doing it.  In order to even show up, you need what is known as a, “qualifying total”.  This means, that you have proven, in a legit sanctioned event, that you belong with the best.  It means that you have lifted at least a minimum amount (which is really heavy even as a minimum) in a competition before.  Once you qualify you get invited to show up and compete.  A weight-lifting competition is different than a CrossFit Competition in almost every way.  Jill will have to hit a single snatch rep and a single clean and jerk rep with only 3 attempts at each.

Jill’s session will air at 10pm eastern on Saturday night.  Please follow our Facebook feed for updates and more information.  I’d wish Jill good luck, but this isn’t a hand of cards – Go kick ass, Jill.

Photo: Crossfit Thermal