NextDocs and Its’ 100 Employees Moving to Conshy

Joseph N. DiStefano from reported today that tech company NextDocs is moving to Conshohocken and bringing 100 employees.  DiStefano reported:

NextDocs, the growing pharma clinical-testing software company founded by Microsoft veteran Zikria Syed nine years ago, is leaving its offices at 500 North Gulph Rd., King of Prussia (CORRECTED) and moving with around 100 employees to 30,000 sq ft at Oliver Tyrone Pulver Corp.’s Six Tower Bridge in Conshohocken, according to CBRE svp Scott Miller, who represented NextDocs.

“NextDocs chose the property due to its centrallized location” closer to Philadelphia and the “live-work-play lifestyle” the building offers, as well as “the quality of the building,” according to Miller.

If you want to learn more about NextDocs you can visit its website or read an article DiStefano wrote a year ago about NextDocs expansion.