O’Neill Properties Group Makes Presentation on Increasing Size of Previously Approved Office Building on Conshohocken Riverfront

Last night the agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council included a presentation by O’Neill Properties Group regarding its previously approved office building and parking garage on the 200 block of Washington Street. The project, known as The Millennial, was previously approved by the Zoning Hearing Board at 420,000 square feet and nine stories, plus a parking garage with 1,7000 spaces. If you are trying to imagine where this would be located it would be just upriver from The Londonbury and between the helipad and the existing Millennium buildings along Washington Street.

A side-by-side view of the building as approved (left) and the larger building now proposed.
A side-by-side view of the building as approved (left) and the larger building now proposed.

Brian O’Neill of O’Neill Properties Group conducted the presentation last night, which was an informal presentation to keep members of Borough Council in the loop of what is being proposed and developed. O’Neill stated that a potential tenant needed more space and the project would be going before Conshohocken’s Zoning Hearing Board on December 20th. In that hearing, O’Neill would seek approval to grow the project to a 685,000 square foot building with 14 floors and 3,000 parking spaces (encompassing garage and ground level parking). The Zoning Hearing Board, not Borough Council, is the body that will determine if the project can become larger. However, the last time this project was before the Zoning Hearing Board, Borough Council sent its solicitor to endorse the project on its behalf.

The parking garage would be wrapped in light that would animate the facade.

As previously approved, the project will still be mixed use (retail and office) and will have an amphitheater, restaurants and other spaces the public would have access to along the river.

More to come.