Owner of Plymouth Meeting Mall looking to add apartments

Today the Philadelphia Inquirer has an article about PREIT, the owner of the Plymouth Meeting Mall and other area malls such as the recently opened Fashion District in Philadelphia. In the article, the CEO of PREIT, Joe Coradino, mentions that he expects the Plymouth Meeting Mall to add apartments in the future.

From the article:

At Plymouth Meeting Mall, Coradino said the number of visitors has risen 20 percent since new purveyors of goods and services into a former Macy’s. Burlington, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Miller’s Ale House, Roll by Goodyear and Edge Fitness have opened. Scheduled to arrive at the mall in Spring 2020 are Michaels, Restored Cryotherapy and Solar Salon.

“We expect this will be the next property to add an apartment community further strengthening this award-winning project,” Coradino said of the Plymouth Meeting property.

Back in 2014, PREIT was proposing to have an extended stay type hotel called AVE built in the lot where IKEA use to have its’ corporate headquarters (if you are driving back to the movies with Whole Foods Market on your left, the long-empty IKEA building is to your right). One neat thing about the plan was that it had a bridge to Whole Foods Market.

Members of Plymouth’s Council expressed concerns back in 2014 that AVE could end up being apartments. Our article linked to above also references that PREIT previously had proposed an apartment community at the mall a couple of years before proposing AVE. Neither project went anywhere.

Where on the mall’s property any new proposal to build an apartment community is not yet public.