Parking Deck at East 1st and Fayette is Under Construction

If you pulled onto East 1st Avenue hoping to obtain a parking spot on the top deck, you have been out of luck lately.  There is some work being done to the parking garage and it is partially closed.  There are still places to park on the lower level.

A reader emailed me about this the other day, but figured it was a one day thing since I didn’t hear anything else about it.  I found out today its a two week project.  I was surprised there was not an advisory sent out, so I check the Borough’s website and Facebook and found no mention of it. One business owner in that area told me that he was called to let him know about the project.

What is the top story on the Borough’s website?  The Borough is selling Conshy flags.  Contact the Borough at (610) 828-1092 if you would like to purchase one.