PokeOno Opening Spot in Conshohocken

PokeOno, a restaurant in Ardmore that serves Hawaiian-inspired cuisine (see Ardmore menu here), is taking over the El Limon space once the Mexican restaurant moves around the corner to the former home of Ted’s Pizza.

Conshohocken will be the restaurants second or third location. Plans are already underway for a location in Baltimore.

We emailed with Andrew Danieli, founder of PokeOno, today and he provided some more details.

When do you expect you can open in Conshy?

“With El Limon leaving at the end of March – we should be ready to go by mid May if all goes according to plan.”

Will the Conshy location be an exact copy of Ardmore or different in some way?

“Our Conshy location will carry the same features as Ardmore but with more updated materials and fixtures. It will be very similar to the Ardmore fit out but with a face lift – still featuring a plant wall, laid back cafe style seating, vintage and contemporary surf flicks played from a projector, all in a fast casual setting.”

Do you plan to stay open late like El Limon?

“We will test the waters of staying open late on Friday and Saturday night to see if customers are feeling the late night vibe of eating poke bowls.”

Why did you picked Conshy for a new location?

“We are thrilled to have found a location in Conshy! We believe we will be a great fit for the community. Conshy hits all of our sweet spots – the demographic is right in our wheelhouse, great lunch traffic which is ideal for those looking for fresh healthy food that’s quick and affordable. We’re excited to join a community that is thriving and we look at add to that by diversifying the menu in Conshy!”

More to come.