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Is Borough Council walking Conshy down the aisle too fast?

According to a report from the Times Herald, Conshohocken’s Borough Council will vote on August 21st on which proposal to accept in regards to the RFP issued for the Verizon Building, old fire house and the grass area next to the Washington Fire Company.

It appears that Borough Council is ready to make a decision with little or no input from the public.  Their sole meeting about the topic was in a closed Executive Session this week.  There will be public comments as part of the regular council meeting when the vote is taken on August 21st.

According to people we have spoken with in the commercial real estate business, making this type of determination at this pace (the proposals were just submitted on July 24th) is unprecedented.

Do you think this process should slow down and allow more input from the community?  You can contact your council person by clicking here.  Or, just comment below (we know they read them).