Suburban Life profiles local realtor Matt Donnelly

Conshohocken resident Matthew Donnelly, who partners with fellow Conshohocken resident Mike Sroka in the Home Experts Real Estate Team and M Property Services, was profiled in Suburban Life magazine in its “Community Spirit” section.

From the article:

Donnelly, a Northeast Philadelphia native, took his first steps into entrepreneurship at age seven, selling lemonade on the corner near his childhood home. That ambitious spirit gained strength over time. First, it inspired him to found his own landscaping business while attending La Salle University in his freshman year, and he ran it successfully for a decade; and, in 2006, he took the bold step to become a licensed Realtor serving buyers and sellers in the real estate market of Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs.

“Every decade since World War II, America has seen approximately 20 to 25 million new homes built,” Donnelly shares. “With the last real estate crash in 2008, a lot of builders lost their shirt and put new projects on hold or completely got out of the business. The decade from 2010-2019, approximately only 5 million new houses saw construction, leaving a supply-and-demand issue that was not only frustrating for clients but also for agents working their tails off trying to get buyers under contract on a home with very limited supply.”

Besides being a Realtor, Donnelly helms a property management company with his partner, Sroka. Their team can step in to help property owners who seek opportunities beyond buying or selling a home.

You can read the full article here.