The Airing of the Grievances | Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus everyone! As the holiday’s creator, Frank Costanza, screamed, “I got a lot of problems with you people!” Here are five:

Entering the Plymouth Meeting Mall

When entering the Plymouth Meeting Mall via the main entrance and then taking a right turn, do not attempt to turn left in front of Shake Shack. That turn is way too close to the main entrance. While you wait for ongoing traffic to clear so you can be lazy and go left, all you are doing is clogging up the entrance. Smart and courteous people keep going and then circle back to Dick’s, Michael’s, Miller’s Ale House, and Shake Shack.

Stop holding up traffic!

Commenting without reading the article

There are actual people who have no idea that has an actual website that is full of all types of information beyond the headlines you may see on Facebook, Instagram, and the email newsletter. It drives us nuts when people ask questions in the comments when the information they seek is included within the article.

Read the full articles and not just the headlines!

Municipal Border Nazis

This one really grinds my gears.

There are municipal borders and then there are zip codes. For example, the IKEA store and its headquarters have a Conshohocken address, but it is within the borders of Plymouth Township. Absolutely no one ever says go to the IKEA in Plymouth Township.

So for example, when reports on say a fire, we will use the town name associated with the zip code in the headline because that is how people know where places are. Within the article, we usually will say the town’s name and then put the borough or township within parentheses.

So on an ongoing basis, we will post an article and some jackass will comment with “that’s not Conshohocken, that is such-and-such township.”

This one actually involves being a municipal border Nazi AND not reading the article (as we said we acknowledge the border).

It is a double whammy of nonsense.

Bringing up the Wawa

FYI, the Wawa WAS APPROVED. Conshohocken’s Borough Council voted 4-3 to amend the zoning code a few years ago to allow it. The commonwealth’s second-highest court then found that the language passed to allow it was spot zoning, which is illegal.

So stop saying they need to allow a Wawa. They tried.

People who negatively comment on real estate listings

It amazes me that people comment negatively on real estate listings. One of your neighbors is selling their largest investment and you chime in about the number of bathrooms or the price.

What is wrong with you?!

Feel free to share your local grievances in the comments.