Valentine’s Day and Weekend at Pepperoncini

For Valentine’s Day, along with the weekend, Pepperoncini is going to have some special items in addition to their regular menu.  Here are the special items:

Lobster Bisque $11

Puff Pastry
Chicken Azurro, roasted chicken, prosciutto, fontina, sliced tomato and dijon cream sauce

Sheep’s milk Ricotta with warm mushroom medley, fresh herbs and balsamic reduction

Lobster Macchiato over Fettucine, fresh peas and tomato cream MP

Grouper en Cartoccio
Baked in Parchment with diced tomato, pearl onions, olives, capers, white wine, fresh herbs and extra virgin olive oil $23

Veal Calzone
Stuffed with prosciutto, baby spinach and mozzarella, garlic pan sauce $24

Filet Florentine
Pan seared with Baby Spinach, Fresh mozzarella and fresh tomato cream sauce $31

Roasted Chicken Tetrazini
Pancetta, peas, parmigiana al Fredo, linguini $18

Spicy Fresh Seafood Risotto
Clams, mussels, shrimp, scallops, salmon and calamari over tomato risotto w shaved bottarga $31

Paccheri Bolognese
Giant rigatoni over classic meat sauce, parmigiana reggiano $18

Grilled Salmon
Braised fennel sauce with orange and dried grape $23