What is a right-size real estate office?

In 2016, I walked into RE/MAX Ready to introduce myself. I’ve been here ever since!”

Jen Griffith-Munson made a career change that really worked out.

I was nervous at first, but RE/MAX Ready is different from all the average, uptight workplaces out there. Owners Matt and Eric always have my back with the support I need, no matter what, no matter where no matter when.”

Coaching is a core value at RE/MAX Ready. Everyone benefits, from newer agents to experienced veterans.

I learned so much and was able to create real, sustained success – all while home-schooling two kids. All Eric and Matt want for me, for everyone in the office, is to be ourselves and do well.”

RE/MAX Ready in 25 words or less?

We’re a right-size office where everyone knows and likes each other, and it’s fun. There’s laughter! It feels like a family.”

Jen’s message to other agents:

RE/MAX Ready is everything I want and need in a workplace. If you’re not happy where you work, you’re in the wrong place. But when you work for nice people, and with nice people, it’s amazing what happens.”