Whitemarsh Township’s board of supervisors grant two conditional uses and a liquor license transfer

During a June 13th meeting, Whitemarsh Township’s board of supervisors granted two conditional uses in Lafayette Hill and a liquor license transfer in Flourtown. All votes were unanimous.

The conditional uses involved a hair salon that sought to operate at 644 Germantown Pike and a chiropractor at 454 Germantown Pike. The name and operator of the salon wasn’t mentioned. The chiropractor is Zachary Dillow, who currently has an office at 606 Germantown Pike. Both needed the supervisors approval due to the property falling within the VC-1 Village Commercial District.

The liquor license transfer was for Tamarindos at 726 Bethlehem Pike. It plans to convert a portion of its interior to a small bar area. The Mexican restaurant has been open for about 10 years at the Bethlehem Pike location. The transfer now needs to go through the approval process with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. The license being transferred was previously use by the now closed Bernie’s in Jenkintown.