YMCA Proposal to Manage Fellowship House Rejected

As we reported last year, the YMCA is seeking to build a facility in and move its regional office to the greater Conshohocken area.  As part of this, there was interest in having the YMCA take over the lease of the Fellowship House and manage that facility.  The Fellowship House, as an organization, has a long term lease from the Borough, which the Board has the authority to reassign.  The Borough owns the land and pays the salary of the Executive Director.

In addition to managing the facility and programming, the YMCA also proposed to make some improvements to the facility.  One of the improvements discussed was putting in a pool, but both sides came to agree that a pool wasn’t feasible at that location.

Eventually a vote was taken and the Board of the Fellowship House voted against the YMCA proposal. We couldn’t find out which board members voted which way or how close it was.  We also could not obtain a copy of the actual proposal.

However, we do think this is a story that is going to resurrect itself at a later date.  So stay tuned.