August 28, 2016

Pumpkin Beer is Here

If you are wondering when you can get a pumpkin beer, today is the day. Conshohocken Brewing is serving its Nightmare on East Elm Street Pumpkin Ale today at its Conshohocken and Bridgeport locations.

Are You Getting Your Sewer Bill?

This popped up in our daily Google News email the other day. It is a question posed on a website that is supposed to offer an answer from an expert. In this case it involved real estate law. The question asked involved Conshohocken, so we ...

Andy’s Diner Expanding

What is with the construction at Andy’s Diner? According to a Facebook post from the restaurant, it is expanding its bar, creating a proper waiting area and going to create a 360 degree soup, salad and breakfast buffet. See the post below:

Puppy Class with The Positive Pooch Starting August 27th

The Positive Pooch has a six week puppy class staring on Saturday August 27th at 10:00 a.m. The class will focus on teaching your puppy to learn to sit, lay down, come, heel, stay and basic manners and socialization. For more information or to ...