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Vick – Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

August 19, 2009

What?  What!?  WHAT!!!?  That is exactly how I reacted last Thursday night after I heard Mike Tirico say, “Chris Mortensen is officially reporting that the Philadelphia Eagles have signed Michael Vick to a two-year contract.”  I was in complete shock just like every other single Eagles fan.  Just like every mom and dad across America that saw Miley Cyrus’ stripper pole dance  at the Teen […]

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Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?

August 14, 2009

I was hoping that my first Phillies column would be about how the Phightins have a 5 game lead over the Atlanta Braves and have the opportunity to stretch that lead to 7 or maybe even 8 games by the end of the weekend. I was hoping that this column would be about how the Phillies swept the Cubs at […]

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You Better…Knock…on Wood

August 10, 2009

Well, a lot has happened with the Eagles since my column last week. In Andy Reid style, let’s get started. Injuries…Stewart Bradley and Cornelius Ingram each suffered a torn ACL. They are done for the season. DeSean Jackson hyper-extended his knee in a collision with Asante Samuel, it doesn’t seem serious and he is expected to be able to recover in […]

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Every Friday is Phillies’ Friday with Dempsey

August 5, 2009

In addition to covering the Eagles, Sean Dempsey will be blogging about the Phillies every Friday.

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Dempsey’s Pre-Season Opinions & Predictions

August 3, 2009

My first assignment was to write about the Eagles. I was extremely excited about this because I was going to be at training camp and thought that I would be able to actually write a story based upon my actual personal visual evaluation of the team in action at Lehigh University. That plan was unfortunately brought to a disastrous end […]

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Welcome from Dempsey

August 3, 2009

When I was asked if I would like to provide content for this website, a few things went through my mind. At first I was very flattered. I am not a writer by profession, most of the stories or essays I have ever written were high school or college assignments. Other than having a big mouth the only other stories […]

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Welcome Sports Blogger, Sean “Demps” Dempsey to the team

July 30, 2009

Coming August 3 will be MoreThanTheCurve’s Sports Blogger Sean “Demps” Dempsey’s report from Eagles’ training camp.  Make sure to sign-up for our email newsletter so you can follow the thoughts of Conshohocken’s No. 1 Eagles fan.